Pet Policy

To ensure harmony and consideration of all guests, we ask that our Bellinger River Tourist Park Pet Policy is respected at all times. 

• We are trialling Pets over Christmas and New Year Holidays 20/23 with a strict limit of 2 dogs per site. 

• As a small park, we have a limit of 2 dogs per site, no exceptions. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and either retained by hand or tied up in your camp site.

• Pets must not be allowed to bark or indulge in antisocial or destructive behaviour. As the pet owner you accept full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your pet whilst in our park.

• Any pet that shows signs of aggressive or dangerous behaviour will be asked to be removed from the premises immediately.

• Dogs must be on a leash and secured at all times, no running around. There is no “off leash area” in the park.

• Dogs must be under control by an adult when they are walked around the park. Remember your dog is your responsibility. Under no circumstances is your dog to be left on it’s own when you leave the park whether to go fishing or shopping, your dog must go with you.

• The owner must clean up all dog droppings immediately and droppings must be disposed off appropriately.

• Do not allow your dog to urinate etc. on any other guests site or property.

• The Amenities Block, Laundry, Camp Kitchen, Children’s Playground, Pool and BBQ areas are out of bounds for all pets at all times.

• Pets are not to be washed in the laundry troughs.

• Under no circumstances are the washing machines/dryers/laundry troughs to be used for pets bedding. There is a designated pet bath opposite the amenities block.

• Guests who are staying in their own caravans or tents within the park are not permitted to take their pets inside the Villas or on verandas.

• Villa accommodation guests are not permitted to have pets in the park or Villas under any circumstances –  this includes being on verandas. 

If guests are found to be not following any/all of these rules you may be asked to leave the park immediately without any refunds to site fees.

We hope that you and your pet have an enjoyable stay at Bellinger River Tourist Park and help us keep this a pet friendly park for future guests.